Mobility Management: Not Just For the Big Guys Anymore

Boston Technology Corporation, a leading Enterprise Mobility and Software service provider in Marlborough, MA, offers good insight and perspective on The Top 5 Reasons Why Mid Market Companies Should Get “Mobile” Now.

We’ve included a link to the post below, but top line they indicate:

“In today’s fast paced competitive business environment, implementing mobility in your business is no longer a “nice to have option” – but an absolute necessity. And if you are a mid market company aspiring to grow into the big league, Enterprise Mobility is surely a key driver for growth that you cannot afford to ignore. Top five reasons that make the decision to go mobile almost a no-brainer:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Grow the revenue per customer
  • Keep your customers satisfied
  • Keep costs down
  • Tracking your business

One thing is certain, the benefits are “real” and they are available NOW.”

Mobility puts a new burden on IT

We couldn’t agree more. But as we posted previously – deploying mobility to the workforce creates a whole new set of challenges for IT – many of who are already resource constrained and challenged to “do more with less”.

As a founder and previous employees of Enterprise Mobile, we appreciate the value that their outsourced mobility service brings to large enterprises. In fact, we helped to build it!

The benefits are tangible and being realized by some of the largest, most forward-thinking organizations. Deploying large scale mission critical applications across large numbers of field workers, faster time to market, freeing up IT staff to work on other projects, getting ahead of the mobility curve, etc.

In-house solutions ideal for mid-market

But what about those companies who simply cannot afford or justify the monthly expense of outsourcing? What should they be considering?

  • Do not rely on manual processes or spreadsheets, too many things can slip through the cracks
  • Deploy asset tagging and bar code scanning to save time and eliminate errors by IT staff
  • Look for a tool that automates the key workflows across the lifecycle of an asset – it’s not just enough to deploy new devices and upgrades, but also to manage all of the returns and repairs required to keep your users happy

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