Business Reasons for Mobility. Costs Down. Productivity Up!

We came across a slide show from CIO Magazine entitled How Mobility Transforms Enterprise Productivity.

It states that “by now, nearly every CIO must appreciate how mobility and bring your own device adoption is ultimately good for their organizations, especially when it comes to increased employee productivity. For starters,

  • Employees in the field complete mission critical tasks in real-time
  • They no long gather information in one place, and then return to an office to transcribe what they learned on the road
  • Because workers are constantly connected, they’re always able to communicate, and are more likely to keep working even during off-hours (of course this can be a good and bad thing, if taken to extremes)”

No question these productivity benefits are big and they are real.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

But who is responsible for making sure that these field employees have the proper tools in their hands at all times to deliver on these promises? What is the impact on their productivity? Are we just transferring the burden?

The resulting upside can introduce potential downside – unless the IT team deploys the proper tools to assure that any increasing benefit to the field is not creating a corresponding drag on IT.

Requires strategic investments across the board

According to a recent Gartner study, capital costs are only 25% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a mobile device. The remaining 75% is spent on deploying, managing and supporting these devices, as well as configuring the wireless network.

Companies of all sizes need to invest not only in enabling their field forces, but enabling their IT teams for success as well by deploying the proper mobile asset management tools in-house to provide visibility and control and assure that the benefits of productivity are maximized across the board.


Read the CIO Magazine slide show here to learn more about Mobility transforming enterprise productivity.

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