Business Reasons for Managing Mobile Assets

The benefits are game changing

We can jump right into the business reasons for managing mobile assets, but instead let’s start with the business reasons for deploying mobile assets in the first place.

Companies everywhere are deploying mobility solutions across the enterprise for many reasons:

  • To improve productivity of employees
  • To reduce costs
  • To enable better customer satisfaction
  • To increase profitability….

The list goes on. The benefits are obvious and as a result, most companies are thick in the throes of rolling out mission critical applications on mobile devices across their organizations.

One thing leads to another

But along with this comes another set of challenges:

  • decreased productivity of IT staff
  • increased costs in managing a volume and myriad of devices
  • poor user satisfaction
  • decreased profitability…

Without a comprehensive management solution, the business benefits, productivity gains and costs savings of deploying mobility can be completely negated by time and costs associated with deployment and user support.

Why the manual method won’t cut it anymore

Companies who rely on manual processes or spreadsheets are not managing the process either efficiently or cost effectively.

Errors in manually keying data can lead to costly mistakes, shipping problems, poor user satisfaction and even lost devices. Lack of reporting and dashboards means that IT staff have no visibility and cannot even answer the simple questions: who has what, where and when?

Full circle impact

It’s time to treat mobile assets as you would any other IT asset and deploy the proper IT mobile asset management tools to provide management, visibility and control. The business benefits are clear: increase productivity of IT staff, reduce costs associated with managing mobile devices, improve end user satisfaction and increase profitability.

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