Pick, pack, configure and ship a mobile asset to an end user.

Manual Process / What Can Go Wrong

  • The asset must be registered and tagged, software and settings configured, and the device and accessories must be packed and shipped to the user.
  • Incorrect asset information can mean devices and accessories are not properly registered as a corporate asset or associated with a specific user, missing software or incorrect settings contribute to poor user satisfaction.
  • Shipping problems can occur – wrong or missing tracking number, shipping to the wrong location or user, or losing the package altogether.

Benefits of S2 Mobility

  • At the start of the process, the device is bar coded and scanned, capturing all relevant asset information.
  • Accurate device data is pulled automatically from the MDM system, accurate user data is pulled automatically from the HRIS system and all shipping processes are seamlessly integrated to the carrier system.
  • Each step of the process requires bar code scanning, the next step cannot occur until the previous step is properly completed.