When a device is returned for repair, to recycle to another employee, or to retire the device altogether.

Manual Process / What Can Go Wrong

  • The user either contacts the help desk who determines that the device needs to be returned and manually creates a shipping label, or the user simply ships the device back to IT.
  • When the device comes back, IT must determine who sent the device back and why and if all associated items have been received.
  • IT must manually inspect the item, determine if it is under warranty, inspect the device for damage and determine what to do with the asset.

Benefits of S2 Mobility

  • Upon receipt, the device is bar coded to identify all relevant asset information including user data, employee status, history of the device, etc.
  • Accurate device data is pulled automatically from the MDM system, accurate user data is pulled automatically from the HRIS system and all shipping processes are seamlessly integrated to the carrier system and shipping labels are automatically generated.
  • Each step of the process requires bar code scanning, the next step cannot occur until the previous step is completed properly.