To manage the shipment and receipt of devices requiring repair by the manufacturer, and to meet compliance requirements around disposal of assets.

Manual Process / What Can Go Wrong

  • Incorrect or missing RMAs and reference numbers from the repair or recycle facility can result in lost devices, items shipped to the wrong location, or items out of warranty being repaired at cost above value.
  • Packages are shipped, tracking is done manually, unrecorded tracking numbers mean no proof of shipment if item is lost.
  • Devices mistakenly get deployed to new users instead of repair resulting in poor user satisfaction and redundant shipping costs.

Benefits of S2 Mobility

  • Each step of the process requires bar code scanning, the next step cannot occur until the previous step is completed properly.
  • Accurate device data is pulled automatically from the MDM system, accurate user data is pulled automatically from the HRIS system and all shipping processes are seamlessly integrated to the carrier system and shipping labels are automatically generated.
  • The system assures that certificates of destruction are returned to meet compliance regulations.